Lost in books

I find us between the lines

You nod with me

For the world we see

In time on paper

Our marks are carved

Words lay yellow

But silence bleeds red

Lost on my walk

I feel us in rhymes

In timeless melodies

There we were

In magical strings

Here we are

We gave ways

To their celebrations

In their pain

They sang our passions

Lost in movies

I find us in stories

In vulnerable shades

There we hurt

In freedom battles

Here we forgive

With our imagination

They paint the globe

With our aspirations

They know the unknown

Lost in world

I find us in sisters & brothers

Bonded in blood

Spaces away from each other

In silly fights

There we were

In troubling times

Here we are

In ruthless jobs

They note my fall

In divine quests

You see my soul

Lost I am

For I am you

I wander with winds

They may take me to you





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