He laughed, and I smiled. He danced, and I pepped up. He vanished away, and I found…

What an artist George Valentin (Jean Dujardin) is!

What was to last barely for two hours turned out to be a romantic affair for the lifetime. After craving for months, we were finally there to watch ‘The Artist’. Watching would be a rather downsizing take. Let me justify it as an experience in a five-fold-chapter evening.

Chapter 1: We own the place.  😉

We owe it to the evening for sparing us the unsettling voices and hush-push of people grabbing-a-seat and playing with it to comfort head and hips. Movie hall was empty right from the angles of flexed arms to up-tight necks. Music, silence and the spell it was about to bestow, made my evening, a special one.

Chapter 2: Lights Out Please!

Lights were out by now and a dusty flash from the projector hit the screen, and with it, began the aura of silence. We could not help but romanticize our souls inside-out.

How often, does a silent, B&W romantic comedy hit the screens, and you watch it all alone with your soul-mate? I bet; you are not that lucky my friend!  🙂

Chapter 3: Here comes my heart-throb…

As it happens, George Valentin is a popular film star and a gifted entertainer. With brighter-than-sunlight-smile and persona of a royal man, you dare resist his charm.

Gorgeous and vibrant Peppy Miller, an ambitious-nobody, is too wise to challenge it either. With a lively presence, she continues to win hearts cherishing little episodes of success, climbing up and tall.

Time: A villain too vile!

George is too proud to let go of his style to make way for talking movies and trifles with Peppy for being a chauvinist. An era of self-destruction begins for George.

 His wife has just left him, and for the right reason. But thank god, dogs cannot reason. They are the ones to be trained. Imagine how George would have trained his dog? Well, you got to go and watch ‘The Artist’.


 Love is a tough ride; tougher when it blossoms under the cruel measures of time. 

On the stakes are ambition, pride and rightful place, give and take the weights of love and reverence to decide their fate.

 I am hell of a poet 😉 !  


                                                                           Chapter 4: A moment of vulnerability  

Remember those moments, where months of suppressed anger, and  ‘futile-and-failure us’ are too vulnerable to carry the aggression for one more second?

It is about time, past should make a way for future.  And so, George breaks down, but thankfully, to fall in laps of a loyal dog and true love.


Our Ms. Miller turns out to be a digger. Just in time, there to collect and preserve shattered pieces of George’s legacy and fortune. George no longer can hide his vulnerable soul from Miller and it’s the moment of truth.

” Love: only chemical to dissolve an ego”.  

Chapter 5: It’s time to Tap

 You see, love has just conquered all, but Ms. Miller does not intend to settle with George’s talent, as her retirement kitty.

She is creative, resourceful and has just come up with the brilliant idea to cash on with George’s incredible style of dancing.

Ooohlala! (Another reason, for why this movie holds this close to me.)

Dance is to rescue George. Sponsors are happy and so are our love birds. And Cut… 🙂

Who needs those crappy lines when eyes, face and body speak volumes of vulnerability, pride and royalty of one, who may not be a star any more but is an artist for lifetime.

‘The Artist’ is all about performance of men at the front and back of the camera. What?! Ms. Miller, she is the man of the movie!

‘The Artist’ makes a successful attempt at direction that penetrates deep into characters, and brings on the surface, man’s inability to make peace with himself and how, the resilient force of true love helps him succeed in it.

 There is no denying , the movie could have turned out to be a version of bitter and harsh reality, if Ms. Miller had not balanced and re-affirmed me with ‘Love makes life; a fairy-tale’.

A perfect composition of drama, romance and comedy blended craft-fully into journeys of two film-stars trying to make their place in a  fate-changing industry of cinema.

It once again establishes the fact that a good movie is all about translation. Translation of a character that has a story to tell, well in this case, express. And mankind has been translating for centuries.

Image Courtesy: Google Images


One thought on “What an ‘Artist’!

  1. loved the film and your take on it. for m, the film was more about the changing environment of the creative arts, and how fickle public or popular acclaim can be in the field of the creative arts. of course, the way the film is made is a treat too.

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