…that are hits & misses in a day-to-day life.

Some real, some fantasy, some regretful and some that are just mine.

This light weight tiny-miny post comes straight from my heart  on my way back home I realized 


Yeah! Totally into it…one thing which never and I literally mean it, never ever disappoint me in shivering, surprising and bringing me bliss and bless.

The only place that can keep me immune to any and almost every household, professional and intellectual run-and-chase goodies of life.

Plenty of sunshine, unexpected rains, freezing winds, Melbourne has more than 5 seasons to offer in a single day.

You walk as little as 7 steps and you will find a well-built, beautiful tree to greet you with its humble head-down style. You sit in a park, rest your neck on the edge of a bench and you see birds cooing, neck-dancing and taking designer flights.   Ducks with funny butts…….Love it 🙂

And if this is enough to romanticize you, pluck a flower of color you like, walk back home, take a pen and write for the one who survives you each day 🙂 and present it your beloved.

Nature owes us more than just global conditioning 🙂

For what I had to say…A designer leaf was not a bad idea either.

Having to live in beautiful landscapes of Melbourne suburbs is indeed one of the best things happened to me.

When on Wheels….

To a music person his car is a concert venue-on-wheels. The road, music and your baby might know you better than others. Why not, you no longer have to play cool, trendy and upbeat stuff. Erotic or eye-tearing, they will never reveal your music-personality to others. 🙂

My list includes senseless stuff too and I totally enjoy ‘I am sexy and I know it’   😉

                                                                                            Just like that surprise….

Just like that, go to your laptop, look in for a nice card, romanticize  it and mail it to love of your life’s office address. The moment where he just managed to impress his colleagues with ‘I am something ‘ look and may actually bring him some desperate limelight and he will and should know it is now his turn to do something like this 😉

      A just like that surprise is a small gesture with great results. Knowing that he is not a flower person or for that matter a romance person like me, sending this letter brought a momentary cheerful smile.

                          Well I actually sent it with a red rose …full-on-filmy 😉                                                

  Do the Dance…..

If only I could go back in time….and you will see me dancing.

There, with a peppy foot and I would sway and flow, rise and fall, be me and someone else all at one time to the tunes of this magical form of art.                                                                                                

If only…I would have been more busy for my self and not others. Dancing is the way I would celebrate me, more occasionally, more honestly with more me into it.

I am still to gather enough courage and join a dancing club or school and enjoy it.

A 29-year-old with an injured back would be a funny and difficult stock to step up with.

What I still have is the imagination where I dance with perfection and effort-less grace and keep my silly half happy and at peace.

Wish I could dance like Lauren (Winner ‘So you think you can dance’ – Season 7 winner).

5. A fine movie and a real book.

They are part of my very foreseen life. Watching a movie or reading a book to me is as sacred as meeting a real person. They made me laugh and cry, think and act, walk-away and chase things priceless and of fine taste. They always manage to scratch me further and beyond what my heart and head can understand.    

My dear pals, time is money and clock of your life is ticking. Try & make sure you hear it before its too late.  

If you wish to cross over the roads of a routine life and a life imagined otherwise, a creative gesture speaks wonders. 

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4 thoughts on “Things…

  1. Hey Nidhi,

    At first, I was looking for a good read in your blog like a short story or some sort of reportage but when I read this post. It was like “Ohh…beautiful.living life is really needful” and I did not want to post this comment as your post just made my mood better. Trust Me…this post was really awesome and real. Thank You for writing this wonderful thing. And, keep writing such real post. I once tried writing yours like http://wp.me/p1oHHV-6N It is about feeling things that exist around as you said in your post.

    1. Thanks for your encouraging words! Just saw your post, its funny we become wiser with age just not wise enough to feel enough and I quote

      “And I also know how important it is in life not necessarily to be strong but to feel strong. To measure yourself at least once. To find yourself at least once in the most ancient of human conditions. Facing the blind death stone alone, with nothing to help you but your hands and your own head.” Christopher McCandless – Into the Wild!

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