Empty spaces in an ordinary and extra-ordinary Life!

Nation celebrates Anna’s victory – Times of India .      


War is a force that gives us meaning.  – The Hurt Locker

When whole of the nation was celebrating Anna’s victory in a head-over-heels style, it was some view for an ordinary man. An ordinary and not a common man; a little more curious, a little more aware and a little more far-sighted in seeing through the empty spaces that echoed Anna’s voice of courage and made millions feel for themselves; “Man of the moment”. Empty spaces intellectually visible from a view when you stand away, apart and distanced from the debate of a nation’s future, present and past.

Born to play, earn, rest and finally die is a calculated discipline life offers to everyone equally. Every man is born equal and so he dies likewise. What purposefully disturbs this equation is one’s desire to ‘die rich’ or should I rephrase ‘live rich’.

An average, ambitious and moderately successful man jumps into some anti-corruption movement his mechanical, routine life isn’t a part of. He is not to realise any monetary benefits from it. He, on the contrary is the one whose ‘getting things done’ attitude culminated into becoming of this moron of corruption bigger than an individual life, society and finally the system.

Why would he engage his heart and soul with a campaign that challenges fantasies of a mind that improvises him to grow rich, developed and futuristic?

The answer lies in those empty spaces which he unknowingly creates when this development coming from ‘getting things done’ is not imbibed well equally by a heart that establishes humanity and a soul craving for moral conscience and satisfaction amid a well resourced and materialistically accomplished life.

When seasonal episodes of success in a career or relationship are almost scored on and routine life leaves no challenge for him to grow bigger than himself. When a desire to be a part of something big sparks in him to find peace, pride, balance, change or meaning in a life that he thinks is boring and misses adventure. 

A desire to do and live Larger than Life!

A soldier out there in a war-raged zone breathes this ‘larger than life’ notion every moment. Contrary to the ordinary man lost in crowds, he is a part of everything grand, honourable; pride and meaningful. His family, relatives, neighbours, country all bow down in respect and pride before this single unit of a nation’s first and last line of defence. A uniform in walking with coveted medals and history of unparalleled courage and bravery.

Could his stature be brought down to that of an ordinary man struggling to secure a ‘larger than life element’ through this I AM ANNA HAZARE movement?

Can he live any bigger? Unfortunately Yes!

Prerogatives, incentives and discounts a soldier is ominously blessed with, diminishes all the difference between an ordinary and larger-than-life life. Years of organised crime and violence, military strategies of raping, killing and destroying legacies of enemy’s tribes creates those empty spaces he seeks to fill in with peace and redemption.

When glamour of a pride and honourable life starts playing with the value system of a soldier. Constant death and a trained development that counts a life in and as smoking gun still alive. By the time the war-hero would realise, this larger-than- life has demonized gods and virtues of small things in life. Depression, suppressed anger, and inability to confess sinister crimes done in the name of nation’s pride threatens the fundamental principle a nation was built on. 

And he wants to live a normal, plain vanilla life like millions of others do to fill the spaces with peace and constructive ambience. To reconcile his disfigured value system with efforts to prosper peace and humanity even behind enemy lines. A helping hand in troubling times where constant death gives meaning to life.

Irrespective of where these characters may come from; and places they could go, they are connected to me, you and millions others. We are all the same in a zeal to accomplish what others accomplish and achieve what others do not achieve.

Accomplish a rewarding qualification, career and relationship and achieve fame and name in this uncertain life.

May be a civilian fighting to help and support equal upbringing of a girl and boy child, accepting honour in rejecting caste, measuring people as human and a soldier defending pride and honour of women and building homes in a ravaged and war-torn nation is a resort to fill these empty spaces. May be these spaces are necessary evils to find and win one’s own fight.

Empty spaces where a thanklessness and thinklessness can determine all the difference between an ordinary and larger-than-life!

This post was conceived out-right when I saw pics of my friends participating in Anna’s campaign against corruption. I have had no comments. All I observed was sensational thrill and adventure arising out of being physically involved with the movement. I however, doubt they have collected ‘whatever-it-takes’ strength yet, which means fighting with self almost on daily basis. This post does not offend the integrity of anyone that has supported the campaign. This is just an attempt to see through seeds of transformation lying dormant and require constant nourishment to bear fruits of character and strength in an individual’s value system.

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4 thoughts on “Larger than Life!

  1. Usually I don’t read post on blogs, but I wish to say that this write-up very forced me to try and do it! Your writing style has been amazed me. Thanks, very nice post.

    1. Thanks a ton for the appreciation you showed in my work although it rarely comes up. These tiny little gestures bring a rare sense of peace for someone. Thanks again!

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