Living or Lifeless, every entity known to man is coiled within its own spiral of virtue and vice. Rest that follows, is the ability to see through. And so is intent of this article; to find a connection that bridges the gap between, what is soothing to eyes and what moves a human spirit.

God loves playing with his children. He keeps the best stuff of life as abstract, and bestow on earth, a spectacular combination of nature and life, blessing humans with head and heart to demystify, what is worth good, bad or ugly. The exact point, where concept of Beauty comes in.

                                                  The entity that copes with dilemma of a picturesque sight against a soulful touch. A mystique that blends with elements of reasons and beliefs, in a manner that pleases eyes, renders one’s heart and  moves a soul.

 A calm dawn wrapped with greenery, childhood full of  madness, first  crush, an old  melody, falling in love, helping hand by a  complete  stranger in  troubling times of communal  atmosphere, there    is  no  dearth of beauty around us. It  is of  human to see, covet and celebrate  beauty  in gestures, individuals, nature and times of  togetherness.

And maybe, there is another way to look at it, that perfectly synchronizes with what beauty is meant to be, and does. A more obvious and most talked about form of Beauty. Through a woman, an embodiment of Beauty.

This contest made me wonder how would my spiral look like, if I relate Beauty with physical and spiritual attributes of a Woman? I looked into what is pretty on surface, and everlasting stuff inside that straight away makes somebody, a beautiful woman.

I soon realized I was searching for highs n lows of  a body and soul. A frame of  wish-list that every woman wants to fit in, and feel happy and safe. 


                                                                                Changing Labels and a Permanent Thirst!

Expressing beauty without showcasing a woman’s wish-list of ‘have’ & ‘have-nots” would be an unfair and futile gesture.

To her, a body is not a mere proportionate piece of mass. Femininity resides right within its lines and curves; along with emotions and temptations to score on every high, to replace every low of her body and soul.

Glowing eyes, flawless skin, fair color, right figure are very much, a part of it. An everlasting thirst to stay at par with changing expectations and labels of outside world and their idea of a beautiful woman. Her body is a canvas of beauty, she willingly or unwillingly carries along, remains an open invite to debate and distill, Good, Bad & Ugly.

I looked aside and found a wonderful contradiction, where one woman’s ‘have it’ collapses with ‘wanting it’ of another. Ironical and funny is my outlook on it. What works for one, is a liability to another. 

Imagine a lifetime of women born and brought up in a completely contrasting environment, assigned with proportionate facial expressions and body types of their own. Nothing on outside seems similar, not even their insides. Their outlook on beauty, womanhood, femininity are drastically different and so are their personalities.

An Indian woman in a cosmetic shop buying a fairness cream, and far across continents, a blonde is scanning across layers of bronze bottles to tan her body to get the right complexion. What connects these ladies, is not just levels of induced melanin, but a sane desire to cherish and rejoice their belongingness to look appropriate within timelines of constantly changing labels in beautification industry.

A zero figure is a rage, but elsewhere you might see women fighting their bodies to gain a few extra pounds just in right places. A lifetime of suppressing hunger for success that is momentary, against doses of cosmetic surgeries, and so much more people willing to give up, for what is perceived to be perfect by masses.

A breast cancer survivor trying to collect tits and bits of her shattered femininity and a supermodel willing to boost her career through silicon transplants. But does it end here? I doubt so. It is just a case of visible form of beauty. There is another angle to it.

                                                                                                 A Reflection: Beauty as a persona!

   Contrary to color, shape and size, this section is about women whose bodies never offended  spectators, but are still haunted by the idea of Beauty. Their smiles remain incomplete and often don’t reach eyes.

                    Does beauty has to do with sense of accomplishment? And what exactly it takes to feel accomplished? An attitude, bringing-up, value-system or a curious intellect?

Imagine a wife sitting in a corner of a room, pondering over what goodness, a pretty face and                     charming expressions brought to her life, other than a handsome proposal? A homemaker, missing on crucial sense of self being contrary to a modern, ambitious, accomplished woman.

A dumped girlfriend who had it all, and yet replaced by a confident and bold girl from some developed nation. A simple and religious woman losing her husband to an adventurous and  daring substitute.

On the contrary, an average looking girl, without layers of make-up and fashion accessories suddenly becomes love of life for an exceptionally attractive man.

At one place, a perfect relationship is in jeopardy by a new source of excitement, an attractive one, and just like that, somebody has broken up with a gorgeous lady for the warmth and soulful content, he felt was missing.

If you would dissect their anguish or delight, you might not find solutions, but can diagnose what and where, one felt short of it. Soothing eyes, happy heart and a convinced soul, define beauty in extreme and absolute state.

I must be kidding to my self, this combination is not only rare, but mighty and lethal as well for its victims.

Funny it is, to catch-hold of an ideal beauty, capable of  manipulating and distorting one’s sense of self-being. And there it happens, when it contradicts with ordinary, simple, average-looking woman. Heaps of complexes, and twisted psychologies are some of the reflections of its dark side.

Thank God! Beauty Lies in eyes of Beholder! 🙂 But whether it is to be feared or coveted, is a matter of heart and choice.

This evolution of concept of beauty, will and shall continue, to surprise and uproot orthodox labels of what a face, skin, hair and figure has been projecting through centuries. We might find it a little uncomfortable, but this process is a healthy one. It saves a spirit from falling into stagnant and dull aura of womanhood and femininity.

Look for a perfect beauty around, and life will stun you with myriad, strange possibilities that defy reasons and substance, beyond the conventional frame of both physical and spiritual form of beauty.

It is her moment of truth. She finally acknowledges talent and purpose to be part of her personality other than some expressive facial features.   

But does this debate downsizes on otherwise accessories, one applies to beautify body and secure a soul? Surely not. It is natural to crave for attractive looks, cherish an eye-candy, feel safe, or fit-in. To feel great is indeed the first requisite to retain confidence. It is just the matter of which place one wants to secure, and at what expense.

They are different pictures, and yet they reflect a common image of a woman in a constant search of beauty.

This journey to define beauty in a woman’s course of life, brought me a new perspective. It is not wise to adapt to labels and designs set by others. So is unwise of not trying on them. What is a challenge for one, is a source of creativity and fun for other. Creating and searching on what nourishes a body and soul, is what it directs us to. As long as your spirit feels safe and ensured, you will remain beautiful. If it craves for beauty, bless it with affordable accessories. Life is never short of surprises. Stay beautiful, because woman was born beautiful.

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27 thoughts on “Beauty-Highs & Lows of Body and Soul.

  1. Hi Nidhi,

    Hope u doin grt..!! First things first…the theme of ur blog is awesum..very sleek,clean, provides a grt reading experience.

    The post abt beauty is very well written, very good use of wrds 2 convey ur take on beauty. The pictures are amazing, i wonder wat is the source of these images???

    Thanks a ton for promotin my post, if I can only ask u 2 let me no ur comments on the same…!!

    With Best Rgds,

  2. You have taken a balanced view of beauty, and that’s fine. It’s interesting how you look at some of the inevitatble ironies of life like women trying hard to attain the zero figure on the one side, and those who are trying to put on some flesh on their bones o the other…

  3. I love your blog.. very nice colors & theme. Did you create this website yourself or did you hire someone to do it for you? Plz reply back as I’m looking to create my own blog and would like to know where u got this from. thanks

  4. Hi my name is Rohan karmakar and i am a media student and would like your permission to use on of the images present on your blog Beauty-Highs & Lows of Body and Soul for my entry in a calender making competition.Thank you and am hopeful of a positive response and loved u r blog.Please reply as fast as possible.

    1. Hi Rohan!

      You may very well use this pictures as they do not belong to me personally. I downloaded them through google images. You made me ammend this important thing; to add courtesy profile into the blog post. Thanks for appreciating my blog.

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