Raise The Flag With Raised Spirit.

One  Right: To hoist a National Flag.

One  Opportunity: Alter ego calls chauvinist for a Political Dance.

One Victim: A Nation; A State; A Common Man.

One Debate: Duty Vs. Right.

One  Challenge: To Choose between A Pen Or A Sword.

One  Flag: A celebrity with a short life of a Day or Two.

One  State: Cornered for more than a half-century; Tendulkar with his, steals mine.

One  Separatist: I wailed over my son’s dead body; for he lost his, sooner than mine.

One  Govt..  Collective Wisdom: We are smarter than Me.

One  Effort: To dilute Illusions; Distil Vanity from the Truth.

One Solution: Good, Bad Or Ugly.

One  Enemy: Having the Last Laugh (On either side of the Border).

One  Day: (Ironically)The Day remembered & celebrated for a Nation’s effort for  betterment of its Citizens…becomes a universe of conflicting egos.



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