I give my heart to understand abstract stuff, most of the time its relationships. This one I caught up with, was when I saw He’s  Just Not That Into You, the multi-starrer Hollywood romantic comedy, catching the psychological dilemmas of couples in a relationship that comes as a package. I used the word ‘psychological’ and not emotional, for I couldn’t feel any movement in my throat, sulking a deep breath to vent out the pain or gains of tear-busting scenes that mark up almost every love story. It wasn’t one though.

Are you beautiful, successful, charismatic personality, yet lonely? Find your special one here and Mary ( Drew Barrymore) registers with MySpace. To create one outstanding profile, collecting all brilliant, bright, fun, intellectual, creative stuff from other reasonably superior profiles. Like us, she is also clueless of which domain her Mr. Right would belong to. Heavy words, funky slangs, artistic bend for music, etc. to arouse substantial amount of interest in her MySpace profile. Sounds functionally familiar:).  I call it as dressing up.

Love is hopelessly hopeful. Gigi (Ginnifer Goodwin) is one determined lady, dead sure of meeting her guy. For which she has to go through a series of blind date sessions, mentor-ed by some Love Signs Monitor-Guy, Alex ( Justin Long), who interestingly avoids relation-shipping for the fear of being rejected. Through heart breaking rejections from the guys in search of girls who could either beat them better through creativity, wit or money or run neck-to-neck with them. Unfortunately, our Gigi keeps falling prey to politics of chase and run. But she is one person in the movie who maintains her composure through every high or lows. That is rare!

Unhappily Married Vs. Happily Unmarried. An institution or just a stamp. You either get a husband or a soul-mate. The couple of Beth ( Jennifer Anniston) and Neil ( Ben Affleck) is almost invincible. It got logic, emotions, care and affection. Wait, did I mention, they denounce breaking-up only to discover, Marriage or without it they are happily relation-shipped. Because marriage (of Ben & Janine, played by Bradley Cooper & Jennifer Connelly) is not just about being loyal, caring, home-making dedicated partners. When you got all of it, there still are chances of a relationship being annulled. Route gets opened to some one ( Anna, Scarlett Johansson) who with her, brings  new excitement that an old relationship misses vulnerably.

For a moment, I actually wished, for they should rather try out on Arrange Marriage. Since I know commitment or vows has nothing to do with either one, my mind drenched the silly advice back to become delible enough. I ain’t some snobby onlooker on love and relationships, just because I got my ducks in a romance-row. God knows I way too much fear him. But then I do. Sometimes  it’s better just not to define any course for a relationship to tread through in past, present or future. Dressing up any relationship, in advance, botch-off a relationship its ability to flex up with changing us. We have grown up knowing Love is just too notorious to always find it’s way. And when it does, it does not bother to follow any rules or concepts, defined or pre-defined. Relationships are prone to every tiny-miny insecurity or hyper-hoolah excitement. But lesser are they defined, more they breathe. Some want their love story to be a great saga, some are pretty happy with hooking to numbers, till they meet special one. Some go on with a certified marriage, some aren’t meant to enter.

What is worth knowing is, relationships are only as much as profound as we are. So, dig deep, dig fine.


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