I stay with the mirror a little longer,I see the Music n taste the Color!
I know the Happiness by a Name,God is my buddy he plays my Game!
Learning to Count with a Calender, Crossing the Bars fills me with thunder!
I pass by windows a little slower, Jewels shine for me, they say ‘we know HER’!
I blush for the girl I see inside, she z a Bugger who wouldn’t let it hide!

Red or Blue,Green or White??They all suit me now, all r my side!
I m no sad with no frens around, the new me is keeping me bound!
I m the new favorite wd a pair of blessings,all wanna serve d one they l soon be missing!

I wanna learn all the recipes, they say its an easy therapy!
I wanna contain all my vices, fill the voids wd all what SPIDEY likes!
I wish to impress  mother in kitchen, wd make it my temple n treat it Religion!

Its all not easy it got a rampwalk, D ‘Ghoongat’ gonna cover my spark!
I l take the sister to a mall, I l pay her bills to woo her all!
‘Sudama'(Family KID) the hard nut to crack, wd use my niece as a Jack!

Oh Krishna! Bestow the good deeds, I m your child!
Transition from a Girl to Woman is not so mild!!

Bless my home wd Peace n Health n Courage in heart to fill in WEALTH!


4 thoughts on “New Life Knocking!

  1. Very beautifully penned down! Its truth is its beauty!
    A modern revision of the folk theme!…

    Just a suggestion, remove the short forms such as “I l”
    and “wd”, it stains the purity that this text demands!

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