Religion: Teaches Discipline.
Intellect: Route to Development.
Free will: Karma, deed, action…my existence…..
Prayer: Self Cleaning, surrender.
Faith: Mother of hope.
Love: The only chemical that dissolves ego.
Nature: Life’s search engine for answers. Embraces all, unbiased, exceptions are justifiable.
Mahabharata: A Lie can be pious than truth.
Lord Krishna: The greatest mentor.
Srimad Bhagwad Geeta: Quizmaster – Who, What& Why?
Villages: Self recovery.
Cities: Pacemakers. Lights n dark.
Sports: Best of all drugs available!
Music: Celebrating life.
Mother: A blessing.
Father: Home is the safest place.
Politics: The noblest job is the one most obstructed.
Knowledge: The best measurement.
Science: Reasons or miracles?
Money:  Free Gifts it can’t buy.
Smile: Infection doesn’t need medical attention always.
Books: Bridging possible and feasible?
Education: Decision Making, the effort India needs the most.
Youth: I write my own dictionary.
Childhood: Smartest of all ages.
Kids: Refreshment. I m dead when the kid inside me is dead.
Alcohol: Respect me for it makes me accessible. Hate it for it makes me inaccessible at the same time
Teachers: Elevators.
India: A CHALLENGING IDEA…not just a nation.


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